The HVAC Tactical Award

The HVAC Tactical Award

Nominate Someone Who Is Worthy!

Lets face it, in our trade, you typically only get recognized for selling stuff.
We Think That Bullsh*t needs to Change!!!!

We want to recognize people that don't "sell" the most boxes but rather recognize those who are focused on delivering impeccable craftsmanship.
We look for individuals that are Masters of their craft, teachers of the trade, those that give back.

Do you know someone who deserves the HVAC Tactical Award?
Only a handful are given out every year....and NO, you cannot buy it!

This 3" brass medallion represents blood, sweat and tears.
It represents all those times that you could've called it a failure but instead, chalked it up as an opportunity to learn and be better.
All those times you pushed yourself through the bulls*t to find a better path, hone your skills and become one step closer to becoming a true master of your craft.

Keep learning, keep training and maybe you could soon be in possession of the coveted HVAC Tactical Award.

It's A Mindset....Make the Decision To Be The Best.

Special thanks to Lance Robinson @Solderweld and Mike Mayberry @HVAC_refer_guy for helping bring this Award to Life.

2022 Categories:
Lady of the Trade Award
Picture Perfect Install Award
Mentor Award
Most Organized Vehicle Award
Hidden Gem Award
Best Social Content Award
Best HVAC Podcast Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
Lifeline Tech Award
Behind the Scenes Award